Thursday, February 10, 2011

Captain America 2 Movie - Captain America Sequel

Captain America 2 MovieThe first Captain America movie hasn't been released, but it's obviously going to be a hell of a blockbuster, that Super Bowl trailer was God awesome. So we may definitely expect a sequel to Captain America. Nothing new here actually, Marvel has been planning a franchise around the superhero since the very beginning: Actor Chris Evans already signed for more than one Captain America movie...

But the movie Captain America 2 seems now confirmed: Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus who wrote teh script of the first film have been hired by marvel Studios to pen the screenplay of Captain America 2. The news filtered through Latino Reviews.

Here's the movie trailer of the first Captain America movie:

Now I wonder how the sequel will fit within the series of superhero movies that are ahead of us. Will the Avengers show up in the sequel? Or will Captain America have to fight alone?

Anyway, any suggestion for the plot of Captain America 2? Share your thoughts below, if lucky Marvel's marketing team may pick it up.